Empower your organization through the ‘Power of 2’

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Why Mentorink?

Mentorink provides an online mentoring platform that enables organizations to start and run smart mentoring activities at scale in a very effective and efficient way. It enables you to avoid ineffective mentoring programs that suffer from lack of guidance and monitoring capabilities

Mentoring that works

Online capabilities making onboarding and engagement more effective and fun


Best matches, tailored content and guidance via smart algorithms

Full Visibility & Control

Rich admin features, continuous measurement of progress and success

Quick Launch

Customizable, quick & easy to set up, instant company-wide reach


Ultra low-cost leveraging cloud capabilities, pay only per use

Best Experience

Simple and efficient experience, fast & effective support

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Mentorink enables organizations to grow their members and maximize operational performance by stimulating social learning through smart mentoring activities

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Mentoring Context & Regular Sessions

  • Mentoring framework with a set number of sessions and frequency
  • Clear context and targets suggested to all pairs

Curated Content & Smart Guidance

  • Content recommendations that are tailored to your organization and each pair
  • Guaranteed development and fruitful sessions
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Onboarding & Smart Matching

  • User and Mentorink management
  • Online application process with in-depth personality analysis
  • Smart matching by smart algorithms

Smart Feedback & Analysis

  • Continuous feedback from/to Mentor & Mentee
  • Smart Analytics over the progress of each pair & overall group

Realize your organization's full potential through smart mentoring activities

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Mentoring: ‘Power of 2’

Discover how leading companies benefit from smart mentoring activities while accelerating individual and professional development within their complex organizational structures

Supporting Learning & Development

80% of learning is informal

Mentoring is fun, social, transformative and long-lasting

Accelerating Career Growth

Mentors & mentees are 5 times more likely to get a promotion and salary increase


Enabling Synergies and Efficiencies

Building a collaborative and sharing culture

Interaction among people from different locations unlock synergies

Higher Engagement and Retention

Mentors & mentees are 25% more likely to stay at the organization

High retention and savings in recruitment costs

Realize your organization's full potential through smart mentoring activities